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Silver Sponsor:

TotalEnergies is a broad energy company that produces and markets fuels, natural gas and electricity. TotalEnergies has been present in Papua New Guinea since 2011 and is active in 2 sectors Exploration-Production and Marketing-Services. The Total Oil Asia Pacific marketing subsidiary opened in 2012 and is responsible for marketing fuel and other petroleum products.

TotalEnergies Exploration-Production division entered PNG in 2013 and has acquired a number of petroleum licenses and is the Operator of the Papua LNG Project.

Bronze Sponsor:

Biosphere Environmental Consultants’ award-winning team specialise in the ecology and management of threatened flora and fauna, vertebrate pests, weeds, and ecological communities. Our commitment to professional development ensures that we stay up to date with the latest scientific research, technology and research methods. Biosphere’s detailed knowledge of environmental legislation, and our unwavering commitment to social and environmental responsibility, enable us to provide informed, pragmatic and appropriate natural resource management solutions.

Biosphere’s multidisciplinary team have undertaken research, and published extensively, on a range of subjects including plant ecology, vertebrate pest management (dingo, cat, fox, deer and pig), taxonomy, movement ecology, wildlife medicine, and animal ethics. We maintain strategic alliances with scientists, whose experience and expertise complement our own, so that we can tailor expert project teams with specific and relevant knowledge. Biosphere’s executive staff maintain project connectivity and strategic oversight throughout all projects to ensure seamless and professional service, with optimal outcomes for our clients and the environment.


Bronze Sponsor

NRA Environmental Consultants

Established in 1984, NRA Environmental Consultants (NRA) is one of Australia’s longest established independent environmental consultancies. An innovator in the provision of environmental services, NRA delivers a comprehensive range of environmental management solutions at policy, strategic and operational levels—from project inception to closure.

NRA is an acknowledged leader with a demonstrated track record of delivering high quality products. We have a robust internal peer review process that ensures our advice is technically sound and of practical application.

NRA’s main office is in Cairns, with our service support strengthened by our office in Townsville. NRA has been servicing the environmental needs of far north Queensland for more than 35 years. Outside of this region, NRA has been involved in projects throughout Australia and the Torres Strait Islands, Papua New Guinea, Southeast Asia and Italy.


Keynote Address Sponsor:

The Mossman Botanic Garden (MBG) will demonstrate the value of tropical rainforests, including the Wet Tropics where they are based, through documented collections of living plants and customary connections. This living display of biodiversity will advance scientific and cultural knowledge capture and help develop a greater understanding of the crucial role rainforests play globally. These collections will also seek to bring diverse communities together through a common interest in plants.


Sponsor of the ASBS poster prize and Pauline Ladiges prize

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