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Sponsorship Opportunities

Is your company or organisation keen to connect with and support an international community of

professional plant scientists and practitioners, from students to senior leaders?

We have a range of sponsorship opportunities available for companies, organisations, and

individuals including:

-  Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Sponsorship packages

-  Keynote Talk and Session Sponsorship packages

-  Gift Subscription Sponsorships

These sponsorships have been tailored to cater to a range of budgets and promotional goals.

Gift Subscription Sponsorships are designed to allow individuals or organisations to support

participation of a colleague or group who would not otherwise have the opportunity.

Perhaps you have your own sponsorship ideas? We would be keen to talk!

For information on these packages or to discuss alternative options, please contact Darren Crayn on

(Tel.) +61 (0)7 4232 1859, or email